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This is the VMWare portal only. For Azure (was DreamSpark), see DreamSpark.


For the login for the VMWare site please go to https://msdnaa.cs.weber.edu/login.html.


For general information about the Academic Alliance, Questions about your login information, Downloading ordering or burning software please check out our Technical Support site at http://icarus.cs.weber.edu/msdnaa.html

Important news/updates

Purchasing Media:
Microsoft is continually adding a media purchase option for several software titles. We do NOT recommend taking this option, though it is your choice. If you purchase any title, we cannot help you with it at all. If you later decide to download it, you won't be able to. If you lose or damage your disk, we won't be able to help with that. We cannot retrieve keys or give additional keys. In short, if you purchase any software directly from Mircrosoft, you are on your own with that software.

Computer Science

MSDNAA Upgrade:
Due to the recent upgrade by Microsoft for the Academic Alliance, you may get a 404 error. If this error occurs, then hit the back button on your browser and try to login again.

Computer Science


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